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It’s not a pretty picture, as described in this article in Salon:

Donald has followed in his father’s corrupt footsteps. Trump’s career is littered with bogus businesses (like Trump University); repeated ripoffs of suppliers, contractors and employees whom he failed to pay for services rendered; and the misuse of the Trump Foundation to feather his own nest while trying to look like a philanthropist. Six of Trump’s businesses have gone bankrupt. Despite this, on April 18, 2015, Trump tweeted this falsehood: ”For all of the haters and losers out there sorry, I never went Bankrupt.”

Trump has also lied about the size of his wealth, as various business publications have pointed out. Many observers suggest that one reason Trump has refused to release his tax returns is that they will show that he has repeatedly and wildly exaggerated his wealth and thus his success.

Given this background — his lackluster academic record, his dependence on his family’s connections and wealth to get into college and to succeed in business, and his troublesome and abusive business practices — it shouldn’t be surprising that Trump is so insecure about his intellect and so thin-skinned about his accomplishments.


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  1. Harold Hinkubah says:

    These paragraph from a 35 year old article is a good summation of president-elect Trump and what motivates him:

    New York Magazine, 1980:

    Some developers have to wait half a lifetime before their phony options, bogus mortgages, racial discrimination, political chicanery, and payoffs are headlined in the Village Voice. Donald Trump achieved that before he got one building up.

    Some call him a visionary. Others call him a megalomaniac. If pressed, he will talk about the killing he’s made in gold, in the neighborhood of $30 million, a close friend says. (“My best deals aren’t even real estate,” he says.) If pressed, and not too hard, he says, “The Trump Tower will be the greatest building in New York. There will never be another skyscraper like it. Because of me they’ve changed the midtown zoning, and it’s kind of sad really, because there is nothing I can do that will be greater after this.” Maybe, Trump says, he will try something different — running a network, a broadcasting empire, property in Atlantic City, an East Hampton subdivision — these are his plans. His Achilles’ Heel could be his desperation for recognition.

    complete article: https://books.google.com/books?id=a-…page&q&f=false

  2. Lindy says:

    “Trump tweeted this falsehood: ”For all of the haters and losers out there sorry, I never went Bankrupt.” ”
    I believe Trump is playing with semantics here ( not that he would know what that is) but when he say HE didn’t declare bankruptcy he his separating himself from his corporation(s?). Personal bankruptcy… perhaps not, but corporate bankruptcy … youbetcha!
    Between Oliver, Colbert, Bee and Noah I don’t know how the Orange One has managed to stay in Office… except to say they are preaching to the choir. We need the GOP base to hear what Progressives have known all along. But they prefer to stick to FOX and Alex Jones. Now THAT is bigly sad. [ I realize that I am a year late for commenting here 😉 ]

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