Tony Robbins discusses tuning in and being productive

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A friend recently told me about Tony Robbins. I had heard the name but didn’t appreciate who he actually was. This extended interview of Robbins by another productivity guru, Tim Ferriss, is well worth your time. I’m only half-way through and much of what Robbins says is resonating with me.


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  1. Tige Gibson says:

    I recall only one person in my life who was interested in Tony Robbins and I conclude from that (negative) experience that people who gravitate towards Tony Robbins are the sort of people who are driven to get money from other people (that is, they are antisocial), while his typical followers merely have faith in the belief that having money defines success and therefore seek out motivators to help them try to get that money and thereby make themselves successful. Robbins himself doesn’t seem to be a bad guy, yet he claims to be Christian and believes in Intelligent Design. I have to consider that he has a role similar to a pastor or priest in which he makes a generous income from a loyal flock. How is he any different from Joel Osteen other than the fact that he teaches people that money really is the natural result of strong spirituality, while blatantly Christian leaders try to avoid that connection because “money is the root of all evil”.

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