Rambo, the name and the apple and the name

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Last night at an art gallery, I met a woman named Jan, who mentioned that her middle name was “Rambo.” Guaranteed conversation piece. I bit. “Any relation to the Sylvester Stallone movie?” She explained that her great great great . . . . grandfather was a neighbor of William Penn, and was somewhat famous for developing the “Rambo” apple, quickly a prized species that can still be bought today.

Fast forward to recent times, and I’m quoting from Wikipedia now: “According to author David Morrell, the apple provided the name for the hero of his novel, First Blood, which gave rise to the Rambo film franchise. The novelist’s wife brought home a supply of the fruit as he was trying to come up with a suitable name for the protagonist.” Who would have seen that path from the name Rambo to the movie character.


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