Carrying a guitar makes a man more attractive

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Because I play the guitar, I read about this study carefully. Simply carrying around a guitar case makes it more likely that a woman will give a guy her phone number. The study merely concerned a guy carrying a guitar case. This makes me wonder how much more attractive a man looks to women when he displays an ability to play a guitar proficiently.

And then there is this companion article by the Onion: “Guy Carrying Guitar Case On Elevator Envied By Everyone On Elevator, Imagines Guy.”


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  1. Edgar Montrose says:

    Years ago my brother in law ran a mobile DJ business. Many times I would lend a hand, setting up the equipment for him before the show and tearing it down afterward. I did the setup and teardown alone — he was not there.

    When I was setting up, there were usually other people there setting up other things, such as putting up decorations for a wedding reception, etc. Invariably, if women were performing these tasks they would strike up conversations with me, and we would have nice friendly chats while working.

    After the show, when I was tearing down the equipment, those same women would still be there, cleaning up. Now that it was clear that I was NOT the DJ, there were no further conversations, and any attempts at contact were met with the Evil Eye.

    Perhaps I should have carried a guitar.

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