On being forced to bake erotic cakes

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Michael Morris at Funmentionables bursts right out of the gate on his most recent commentary on religion:

Evidently some conservative Christians have completely run out of actual things to fear.

Judson Phillips, the president of Tea Party Nation, worries that without the ability to discriminate against gays, Christians may become “slaves” who could be “required to create a cake for a homosexual wedding that has a giant phallic symbol on it.”

You would have to be the world’s worst slave owner, or the most profligate anyway, to use the slaves at your disposal just to create erotic wedding cakes—as if people do that for weddings! I don’t want to know what else Phillips thinks goes on at gay weddings.


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  1. Edgar Montrose says:

    I really don’t understand the reasoning behind Conservatives’ need to formalize their discrimination. Businesses have always been able to refuse business — “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”, “We are not accepting any new orders for 2013 models.”, “Minimum order $25.”, “Our crane only has a capacity of 10 tons.”, etc. If asked to create a wedding cake (or perform any other service) that the business owner finds offensive, simply refuse the order. No explanation necessary, but if pressed, “Sorry, but we are booked solid.” or “That is outside our area of expertise.” should suffice.

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