Alan Grayson’s simple questions to the warmongers

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Check out Alan Grayson’s simple questions to Chuck Hagel and John Kerry at the 12:50 min mark on Democracy Now. Pathetic evasive answers by our “leaders.” All while America rots at home from neglect. All while the big banks and the military industrial complex demonstrate that they own Congress. This is all so sad. I hope grade school teachers are telling the kids the truth about how their government operates.

I completely support Representative Alan Grayson. The U.S. should stay out of Syria. I suspect that 50% of what we are hearing from the Obama Administration regarding Syria is untrue or unsubstantiated. Consider signing this Petition. Also, I’m not impressed with the Republican “peaceniks.” If President Romney were leading the effort to attack Syria, 90% of them would be cheering him on. What we are witnessing is not rational. It is tribal.


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