Six recent NSA false statements documented

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Propublica has organized and analyzed six recent government statements regarding the NSA that all appear to be lies.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    “”The bulk phone records collection program alone played little or no role in disrupting terrorism plots,” Udall said. “I say this as someone who has been fully briefed on these terror-related events. Nor has it been demonstrated that this program even provides any uniquely valuable intelligence.”

    Udall and Wyden said they took issue with suggestions by Alexander and others that the phone data was acutely important. The senators said the overseas surveillance — which both would like to reform, not end — has been much more significant.

    “Leaders in the intelligence community have made misleading statements repeatedly,” said Wyden. “It’s not just a question of keeping the American people in the dark … which was true. But the American people were actively misled on a number of occasions.”

    Both lawmakers said phone records should be removed from government control, and left with phone companies. They argued that the 300 or so times that the NSA says it has needed to search the records could have been easily handled without the government controlling so much private data.”

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