Time-lapse satellite images show wanton destruction of Earth

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For those who are courageous enough to trust their eyes, these images will shock.

What is sick about the fact that we are destroying our only planet is that there ARE alternatives–sustainable sources of energy and conservation. There’s not as much mega-corporate money to be made with these alternatives and many people (led by corporate mass-media spin) see conservation as weakness and lack of freedom when it is actually the opposite. While these money and culture wars rage, we continue to permanently destroy areas of Earth so large that these time-lapse satellite images serves as a shocking lie detector: It is a huge lie that our continued rate of extraction of fossil fuels is consistent with a high-quality future lifestyle.


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    One disturbing aspect of those time-lapse photos is that for each one of those locations, there are countless other locations where the human-caused destruction occurred so long ago that we do not have physical records (even though the changes are just as extensive).

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