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Tonight I received this mass-distributed email from Josh Silver of

The US Senate just rejected a basic background check law for gun sales despite the fact that 90% of Americans support it. Even 74% of NRA members support it!1

Represent.Us has no official position on gun rights/gun control, but you’re damn right we have a position on whether America’s Congress follows the will of the American people. And they don’t. Our leaders are FAILING US, and by letting it happen, by letting them continue to steal our country, we’re failing America.

It’s time to WAKE UP. Stop writing emails to Congress. Stop yelling at your computer screen. Stop feeling hopeless.

Instead, face this simple fact: The insanity in Washington won’t end until we cut the corruption and cut the cord between Congress and the Fat Cat lobbyists who run our country.

Let’s commit ourselves to this fight. Let’s commit to creating a government of, by, and for us, the American people. The Represent.Us plan will work — if we all go the extra mile to make it work.

Tonight I’m asking you to do one simple thing: Forward this email to ten people who have not joined the fight to get money out. Tell them we must all work together on this issue, or no other issue can prevail. Tell them to become a “Citizen Co-sponsor” of the American Anti-Corruption Act by visiting this link.


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