Houston pastor announces he is an atheist

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This is an article from last year. This TV news feature a Houston Lutheran pastor who no longer believes in God. He indicates that a careful reading of the bible led to his loss of faith. Discussion turns to The Clergy Project, initiated by Daniel Dennett, which claims more than 200 members, all of them current or former church leaders who are atheists.


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  1. Richard Ramey says:

    From my thinking. Lutherns and others that are off shoots from the catholic church, again my thinking. These churches claim authority and power over the bible. Their “traditions” over ride anything in the bible. When you already have this concept of thinking its not long before the Bible will seem to be wrong on most things. When you disagree on one small part the whole material will start to unravel.
    Even the pope has stated that he now proposes that creation happened over long periods of time instead of the biblical way of 6 days. They have already changed 2 of the 10 commandments. From there its only a down hill ride but faster than usually

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