Gun day at the photo shoot

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I’ve been making steady progress in my studies of photography over the past 10 years. This year I finally bought an DSLR (a Canon D7), and it has been a joy to really learn how use the controls of a high-performance camera.

My 14 year old daughter JuJu and I have been attending photography classes for the past year. Today we attended a model shoot at St. Louis Photo Authority in St. Louis, Missouri, where the owner, Ed Crim provided four models and excellent guidance. It was a lot of fun, as you can see from my work.

Today the theme for the models was “guns,” which made me a bit apprehensive, but we had a great time shooting models who all had access to guns as props.  Here’s a sample of the portraits I took. Nothing like having the right equipment and some good teachers.  Click for higher res images.

IMG_0170 Ed Crim II

IMG_0198 Ed Crim II

IMG_0337 Ed Crim II

IMG_0233 Ed Crim II


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  1. Richard Ramey says:

    Look good

  2. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    Over the years, “National Lampoon” magazine has occasionally parodied well known magazines. Some of the parody issues featured a fake cover, located in the center pages of the magazine, could be made into an alternate cover by turning the issue inside out.
    The first photo reminds me of a “Playboy” parody they did back in the 80’s called “Slayboy”. As I recall (since I was unable to find the image online) it included a “Slaymate of the Month” page, featuring a blonde model, seductively dressed in camo, showing a bit more cleavage and holding an assault rifle.

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