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Why did the alleged God banish the alleged Satan from the alleged heaven? Many Christian accounts of Satan bluntly conclude that Satan was full of pride, causing God to give him the boot. Which leads to the follow:

satan pride

I don’t know who creates these images, which are often posted on Facebook.  They sharply challenge assertions commonly made by believers.   Sometimes they challenge deeply held theological arguments.   And as Ronaldo de Souza once suggested, theology is “intellectual tennis without a net.”


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  1. Richard Ramey says:

    The pride of lucifer was causing a “war” in a place of peace and love. And started what is called the “great controversy ” . Who is right – lucifer in saying that God is holding back keeping them from a “freedom” that is good. Or God saying walk in this “certain” way and enjoy this i give you without sin – ( pain, sorrow, death). This controversy has come to this world. God is allowing satan (to some extent) rule this world to see and show the rest of the universe if his ways are right. So far we are seeing the outcome (since eden) the results of satans rule and what becomes of following his ways. That is why after the second coming of jesus and the righteous there will be no more sin. We will have seen what happens when the you go against the ways of God. Satan claims this is holding back their freedom to do what they want. God us allowing it to show what the results are to fall away and sin.

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