Politicians trash the 5th Amendment

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This is the opening paragraph from “Scandal Alert: Congress Is Quietly Abandoning the 5th Amendment, published by The Atlantic:

What everyone must understand is that American politics doesn’t work the way you’d think it would. Most people presume that government officials would never willfully withhold penicillin from men with syphilis just to see what would happen if the disease went untreated. It seems unlikely that officers would coerce enlisted men into exposing themselves to debilitating nerve gas. Few expected that President Obama would preside over the persecution of an NSA whistle-blower, or presume the guilt of all military-aged males killed by U.S. drone strikes. But it all happened.


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  1. It is worse than a scandal. If you denigrate, obfuscate or oppose The Bill of Rights, especially after having taken an oath to uphold and protect them, you betray not only yourself, but all Americans. No part is negotiable.

    “Those who despise liberty do not deserve liberty.”


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