Obama’s adventure in Afghanistan

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U.S. deaths in Afghanistan under Bush Administration: 575. Under Obama Administration: 1492. So far. And see here.

This imbalance was brought to my attention on Facebook when I saw the following quote:


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  1. Dan Klarmann says:

    But what about the rest of the Middle East? Like the 4,800 soldiers killed and 84,000 injured and wounded in Iraq before Obama.
    Given that little addition, it is hard to see how Obama is worse.

    Stats are worse now in Afghanistan because Obama pulled out of Iraq and finally focused on the people and enabling culture that attacked Manhattan. Now pulling out of Afghanistan.
    Given that the 9/11 attackers and leaders were mostly Saudis, it still puzzles me how the U.S. is ignoring the terror breeding culture in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Eric Stewart says:


    In its most extensive death tally of the Iraq war, the U.S. military says nearly 77,000 Iraqi civilians and security officials were killed from early 2004 to mid-2008 – a toll that falls well below Iraqi government figures.

    Will THIS imbalance garner your attention?

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