United Republic introduces The American Anti-Corruption Act.

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United Republic has just announced its 9-point plan to get much of the big money and undue influence out of politics.  They are looking for one million people to sign their petition right now, and eventually 100 million, because Congress is paralyzed and won’t act.  Change absolutely must come from the grass roots.  United Republic believes that almost all of America’s clashing groups can and will come together on this project. United Republic will actively require all members of Congress to declare whether they are with the program–the pro-money representatives need to get the boot.  Interesting collection of folks on the board, including Josh Silver, Lawrence Lessig and reformed lobbyist Jack Abramoff.  Take a close look at this effort, because this actually has a chance of getting traction.  The name of the proposed act:  “The American Anti-Corruption Act.”


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