Support for legalization of marijuana is at an all time high

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According to Think Progress: “New polling released by Gallup today finds that 50 percent of Americans now support marijuana legalization, while 46 percent of Americans oppose it.”

And at LEAP, “Pro-Legalization Cops Cheer Marijuana Reform Election Results.”

Norm Stamper, former Seattle police chief, had this to say: “I cannot tell you how happy I am that after forty years of the racist, destructive exercise in futility that is the war on drugs, my home state of Washington has now put us on a different path. There are people who have lost today: drug cartels, street gangs, those who profit from keeping American incarceration rates the highest in the world. For the rest of us, however, this is a win. It’s a win for taxpayers. It’s a win for police. It’s a win for all those who care about social justice. This is indeed a wonderful day.”


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  1. Chip Camden says:

    That initiative, as well as the one legalizing same-sex marriage, made me proud to be a Washingtonian.

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