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Through no effort of my own, I receive email bulletins from the Christian Coalition, an unabashedly theocratic (and more covertly white-centric) political action committee, yet somehow still tax free (503-(c)4).
The latest email tells people to bring voters their guides to church. Their splash page practically forces you to download it.

I am of the opinion that churches that want representation like this should be amenable to taxation. Naturally they argue that just because every member shills for their platform, the churches should not be held accountable. Can this be remedied?



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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Dan, Churches can recommend how to vote on issues, but not candidates. If this “Voter Guide” recommends who to vote for, this church should lose its tax exempt status. This is a political hot potato, though, and I can’t imagine the IRS caring about this except in flagrant situations involving big churches, if even that.

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