Drug arrests, more than one per minute

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I just saw these stats in a new post by LEAP:

Just over one week before voters in three states will decide on ballot measures to legalize and regulate marijuana, the FBI has released a new report today showing that police in the U.S. arrest someone for marijuana every 42 seconds and that 87% of those arrests are for possession alone. A group of police, judges and other law enforcement officials advocating for the legalization and regulation of marijuana and other drugs pointed to the figures showing more than 750,000 marijuana arrests in 2011 — more than 40 years after the start of the “war on drugs” — as evidence that this is a war that can never be won.

To be clear, I’m not advocating the use of drugs. I’m criticizing the criminalization of the use of drugs. Characterizing the use of drugs to be a law enforcement issue has been a massive failure.


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  1. > I’m not advocating the use of drugs,
    > but only criminalizing the use of drugs.

    To me this reads like you are advocating criminalising of drug use ;-).

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