Matt Taibbi has two questions for Mitt Romney

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Matt Taibbi has two questions for Mitt Romney:

I think the new strategy, rather than try to swim down into the deep waters of Romney’s bogus plans, should be to stay on the surface and simply ask him simple questions. For instance, on his convoluted tax plan, just ask these two questions:

1) You’ve talked a lot about who’s getting a tax break under your plan. But who’s paying more? Where’s the pain coming from?

2) If there is no pain, and the whole thing really is “revenue neutral,” WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT?

Now, cynically, we know what the “point” is. The point is to win an election by promising a 20% tax cut with one hand while promising that nobody will have to pay for it with the other. It’s brilliant stuff – the ecstasy of pure bull.

I agree entirely. Why would one work so hard to get to the same place? Ergo, someone is going to pay, and in a world of regurgitated trickle-down economics, the likely answer is that the rich will get richer.


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  1. John Darris says:

    So, there is a level of \”rich one should not exceed..if you have one million, how dare you try for two million.

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