Bible-based banners for public school cheerleaders

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Michael Morris sums up the dispute: Some Texas public school cheerleaders are insisting on the right to incorporate bible verses into their cheerleading chants. In this short article, Morris has some bible-based chants he’d like to recommend to those cheerleaders. Here’s a sample:


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    There was a good discussion of this case on the weekly radio show of the Freedom From Religion Foundation ( The FFRF had filed an amicus brief in the case (see, Basically, the argument against displaying the banners is that since the cheerleaders are wearing school uniforms, and are clearly representing the school, the school has every right (indeed, the obligation) to ban them from displaying religious banners. One wonders what the judge was thinking in allowing the cheerleaders to go ahead with the religious display. One also might wonder if the judge would have been so supportive if the cheerleaders had been asserting their first amendment rights to wear school uniforms while, say, conducting a wet t-shirt contest or some other activity that shocked local mores.

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