Romney’s foreign policy, and Obama’s

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Glenn Greenwald’s caustic article (accurately) sums up Mitt Romney’s foreign policy:

[W]e’re in a war for freedom against tyranny, and for justice against oppression – a war which Mitt Romney will fight in close alliance with the regimes of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. . . . [I]n light of extreme anti-American sentiment, we must drone-bomb more, kill Iranian civilians with sanctions, send more symbols of military occupation to their region, move still closer to Israel (which could only be accomplished by some sort of new surgical procedure to collectively implant us inside of them), and even more vigorously support the repressive Gulf regimes. In other words, to solve the problem of anti-American hatred in the region, we must do more and more of exactly that which – quite rationally – generates that hatred.

Here’s the problem:  It’s almost impossible to distinguish Romney’s imperialist foreign policy from that of our “Peace President,” Barack Obama.


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