Jingoist Warmongering Democrats

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Republicans don’t hold a monopoly on jingoism. The Democrats excelled at it at their 2012 convention. In an article titled, “Democrats parade Osama bin Laden’s corpse as their proudest achievement,” Glenn Greenwald saw the Democratic National Convention for what it was: an attempt to out-warmonger the Republicans:

I thought, or at least hoped, that such vulgar crowd celebrations of leader-reverence, jingoism and militarism would not soon be replicated. But on Thursday night, the final night of the Democratic party convention, it was.

It is hard to count how many times a Democratic party speaker stood up proudly to proclaim:

Osama. Bin. Laden. Is. Dead!

Almost every time Bin Laden’s scalp was paraded around on its pike – all thanks to the warrior spirit and unflinching courage of our commander-in-chief – the crowd of progressives, liberals and party faithful erupted into a prolonged “USA. USA” chant.


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