Mitt Romney’s #1 source of campaign cash: Goldman Sachs

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What does this information from Open Secrets tell you about the candidates? Look whose employees are ponying up to put Mitt Romney into office. Goldman Sachs is #1. What does Goldman do for America? It sucks the lifeblood out of our country, with many politicians serving as its bought bitches. THAT’s the number one supporter of Mitt Romney.

For more on Goldman Sachs, check out Matt Taibbi’s writings, including this one.


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  1. Edgar Montrose says:

    Changing the focus just a bit; as a University of CA alumnus, I have to wonder when the UC got into the business of contributing to national political campaigns, rather than educating citizens of CA.

    • Erich Vieth says:

      Edgar, there is a note explaining that these refer to individual contributions, but when an individual contributes, he/she must note his/her employer. Therefore, this is not the University itself contributing, but it shows considerable support within the university (and within Goldman Sachs).

    • Edgar Montrose says:

      Missed that. Thank you, Erich.

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