In case the moon landing had failed

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I didn’t realize that a speech to be given by Richard President Nixon had already been outlined in case the moon landing attempt had failed.


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  1. Jim Razinha says:

    I’ve got a book titled Almost History: Close Calls, Plan B’s, and Twists of Fate in America’s Past by Roger Bruns that has Nixon’s speech and about a hundred other excerpts grouped under the headings: “Planning for the Worst”, “Forks in the Road”, “Fortuitous Occurrences”, “Close Calls”, “Twists of Irony”, “Plans Thwarted”, “Opportunities Missed; Warnings Unheeded”, “Vagaries of War”, “Code-Breaking Consequences”, “Slippery Truth”, “Urban Legends” and “Lousy Predictions”.

    I had forgotten it until I saw this post. Refresher time…

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