The media establishment’s long intense irrational hatred of Julian Assange

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Glenn Greenwald, who now writes for the U.K. Guardian, sums up the media establishment’s hatred of Julian Assange:

In 2008 – two years before the release of the “collateral murder” video, the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs, and the diplomatic cables – the Pentagon prepared a secret report which proclaimed WikiLeaks to be an enemy of the state and plotted ways to destroy its credibility and reputation. But in a stroke of amazing luck, Pentagon operatives never needed to do any of that, because the establishment media in the US and Britain harbor at least as much intense personal loathing for the group’s founder as the US government does, and eagerly took the lead in targeting him. Many people like to posit the US national security state and western media outlets as adversarial forces, but here – as is so often the case – they have so harmoniously joined in common cause. Whatever else is true, establishment media outlets show unlimited personal animus toward the person who, as a panel of judges put it when they awarded him the the 2011 Martha Gellhorn prize for journalism, “has given the public more scoops than most journalists can imagine.”


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  1. Mike M. says:

    “Truth Bringers” and whistleblowers have always had the unfortunate fate of being branded as villains. And history always redeems them, usually long after they’re dead. Think Galileo, Giordano Bruno, MLK and John Lennon (thick FBI files on both), Timothy Leary, etc, along with the most recent “traitors” Manning and Assange. All enemies of an entrenched establishment, and all heroes of humanity.

  2. Richard w.kite says:

    I am a former whistleblower and a victim of the most unbelievable defamation and infiltration of an individual’s world with no hope and the blatent acts against me and those who would have supported so outrageous you would have to live it to believe. I know too much and have too much proof. Locally televised week long special that you cannot find on the net they have my family and friends convinced I am nuts i dont have a sanctuary not even in my own home my house in forclosure my car registration. Pulled license pulled sick for many years teaching contract pulled in 2006 followed and publically harrassed my 28 yr old son thinks it all coincidense that he has been shot stabbed thrown through a window hit with bar stools arrested and continually harrassed by el cajon pd everyone is afraid to support or involved I am a good man and was raised with a morality that I will not compromise so I will too die but with no fanfair and this government mafia will continue to grow.

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