Curiosity gently touches down on Mars

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Congratulations to the brilliant scientists at NASA!

I hope the Tea Partiers realize that this unprecedentedly complex MARS landing was accomplished by NASA, which is part of the GOVERNMENT.


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    I wonder if the Tea Party folks care about this achievement at all. Indeed, I wonder if they care about science at all. The Tea Party Express stands for six things:
    * No more bailouts
    * Reduce the size and intrusiveness of government
    * Stop raising our taxes
    * Repeal Obamacare
    * Cease out-of-control spending
    * Bring back American prosperity

    Are any of these subjects related to the science or the Mars lander? Mostly they seem to all be different versions of “Make America more successful by cutting public investment in infrastructure,” which is as delusional as “I want to eat more, exercise less and still lose weight.” Let’s not forget that out-of-control spending came primarily from eight years of George W. rubber-stamping Republican spending bills, and that the main Tea Party criticism of Obama is that he hasn’t done a good enough job (despite massive Republican opposition) of fixing the train wreck the Republicans gave us the last time they ran things.

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