Bill Moyers: Congressional rejection of DISCLOSE is a disgrace

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Do you care about saving your Democracy even one-tenth as much as you care about the Olympics, or going to the movies, or eating your favorite food? I challenge you to spend five minutes watching this video by Bill Moyers, and then acting on it like you really and truly give a damn. It’s time to take back America.

[Addendum] A friend watched this video, but asked “What can we do about this?” Here’s what I suggested:

Good question. For starters, we need to make a LOT of noise. Let’s embarrass politicians for their inaction. Any time we have contact with politicians in public places, we need advocate for public financing of campaigns and for a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United. Raise this topic with friends and family who would rather talk about movies and sports. Educate them one by one as to what is at stake. We can support great organizations such as Common Cause, Public Citizen and United Republic. Support media reform by supporting organizations such as Free Press (I attend their annual conferences) Here are some of the many candidates for an Amendment to the Constitution. For further inspiration, watch this short video featuring Dylan Ratigan and his guests from United Republic.

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  1. Adam Herman says:

    What I want to know is, where is the President? Does he ever try to sell the things he favors to the public? Didn’t he just criticize his own lack of salesmanship? You’d think DISCLOSE would be a gimme given how well it polls. But he’s got nothing to say in support of it. It’s not even going to be a campaign issue.

    • Erich Vieth says:

      I agree, Adam. Obama’s post-campaign silence is often damning. Single payer, net neutrality, government spying, government secrecy, ill-treatment of whistle-blowers, Wall Street reform, DISCLOSE. He doesn’t have the moral capital to complain about something if he failed to utilize the bully pulpit.

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