The anti-science promoted by the federal governement regarding marijuana

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Your doctor can prescribe morphine, but not marijuana. That’s how dangerous it supposedly is. The problem is that the government has consistently concocted bad science in order to villainize marijuana.

This link will lead you to a short post by Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic. Embedded in that post is the following video featuring Irv Rosenfeld, a man who is one of the few persons in the U.S. who can legally use marijuana. He made an excellent presentation that left me perplexed: How did we ever get to this point where we are denying sick people a substance that can help them? And how is it that the U.S. is willing to arrest 800,000 people per year for using a harmless drug. Harmless, you might ask? Yes, watch the video starting at minute 7.

I’ve never used marijuana or any other illegal drug. I don’t plan to. I hate to see what Prohibition is doing to this country, though. It’s time to end the craziness, but instead of acting sensibly, Obama is ramping up the war against marijuana? What is he on?


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  1. Adam Herman says:

    That’s not exactly true, although I agree with most of your post. The part that isn’t true is the illegality of prescription marijuana. You can get it in pill form, but not smoked form. That’s because you can’t get a precise dose from smoking, nor can the THC content of what you buy off the street be guaranteed. When you get an Rx for morphine, the doctor doesn’t send you to your corner street dealer. Then there’s all the extra chemicals in smoked marijuana. if THC is the beneficial ingredient, then it would make sense that you’d only want the THC.

    • Erich Vieth says:

      And then, how about an intravenous bottle of beer? That way you’ll get the right dose.

      To be clear, I’ve never used illegal drugs and I rarely drink alcohol ((maybe one beer or glass of wine per month). My concern is denying people cheap medication that they, as adults, choose to use and getting the criminal justice system out of the illegal drug business, at least regarding marijuana, in that this accomplishes nothing worthwhile and injects violence into the system.

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