Precursor to newest Constitutional Amendment: Only the government may own cameras

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Long Island police make mother of three pay for taking photos of decorative helicopter in front of airport.

This case involving Nancy Genovese is but one of many cases where law enforcement officers have been exposed for harassing and hurting people who are guilty of absolutely nothing.

It’s a long trend here in the United States. The government can spy all it wants, while the people are increasingly prohibited from expressing themselves or even from being curious. A lot of people are squeamish about Wikileaks, but it Wikileaks is an organization that does nothing different than the New York Times claims to be doing, yet the United States has illegally forced it into submission.

And although Nancy Genovese did not claim to be doing serious investigative journalism, the American Vision News reports that she was was acting as a citizen journalist:

Nancy Genovese stopped her car on the side of the road across the street from the airport in an area that is open and accessible to the public, and crossed over the road to the airport entryway that is also open and accessible to the public to take a picture of the helicopter display. While still in her car, she took a picture of the decorative helicopter shell with the intention of posting it on her personal “Support Our Troops” web page.


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  1. Tony says:

    Forgive me for my decisive non-american views, but being non-american (and having never set foot in the north american continent) I can not help to point out the irony that this woman was on the receiving end of a (rather mild) version of the conduct of “her troops” she is publicly supporting.

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