The provocative cover of Time Magazine

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I was surprised to see the cover of the most recent issue of Time Magazine. It features an attractive young woman breast-feeding her 3-year old boy, who is standing on a chair to reach her breast, wearing army fatigues. I’m not shocked or disturbed in the least by the breastfeeding. There is nothing wrong with public breast-feeding.  The subject of the main article, Attachment Parenting, does intrigue me, and I’m looking forward to reading it.


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  1. Adam Herman says:

    Parents these days do worry me, seems it’s all about them, not their kids. Kids are being denied a childhood so that they can hang around their parents all the time and make THEM happy. Helicopter parenting has gotten out of control and universities and employers are reporting that it’s continuing into adulthood. I know helicopter parenting isnt the same issue exactly as attachment parenting, but I’d be very surprised if these moms plan to let these kids spend a lot of time out of their sight before they’re 30.

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