Dan Rather: “We reported a true story”

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Dan Rather discusses his story that George W. Bush went AWOL with Piers Morgan:


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  1. Tony says:

    By chance I stumble over the discussion of these documents (couldn’t care less if this arse flunked that genocidal war or not) and looked into the “technical” aspects of these documents. I can testify that these documents were most certainly NOT created by a typewriter used back then but by a modern/contemporary word processing software, with a modern proportional type face (“font”) – plus other some other points (like use of aberrations and white spaces) that show that these documents are fake. Bush may or may not have flunked his service, but the documents that are supposed to be proof for that are definitely a contemporary fake. So I think Dan Rather is lying to himself when he makes a partisan issue out of bad reporting. Reminds me of this:

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