Joe Rogan discusses American warmongering

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Joe Rogan verbalizes many of my concerns about American warmongering. It’s not that I agree with everything he says (For instance, I completely disagree with Joe that Building 7 (from 9/11) was a “controlled demolition.”). Nor would I express my frustrations exactly the way he does, because I don’t believe that it is helpful to the greater cause to call other people “stupid” (I prefer to say that they are ill-informed people who could someday be our allies once they are informed). Despite its faults, this video is powerfully cathartic and it is filled with many undeniable historical facts, especially the fact that American warmongering is unrelenting and that it is fully-engaged with American corporate profit-taking.


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  1. Mike Baker says:

    I think only a small percentage of Americans could be classified as stupid or ill-informed. Unfortunately I think there is a much larger body of Americans (or world citizens for that matter) who latch on to any idea that feeds their particular bias or prejudice. There is a difference between being ill-informed and willfully ill-informed.

    Our well orchestrated main stream media machine (with few exceptions)has long recognized this and through the lack of real and balanced reporting of the facts does a good job of feeding these biases, thus keeping the American people continually divided. They serve their corporate masters well, while insuring that a divided America promises little change, but the status quo remains the same.

    Our media affectively runs cover for those that can not or will not give up their pre conceived and often unjustified biases for a long sober look at both sides of any given issue. Those that will not unloose themselves from their prejudices do a disservice to both themselves and the rest of humanity.

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