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Big shake

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It was the middle of the afternoon and my family and I (my wife and I have two teenaged daughters) were in the car headed for home. We agreed that this would be a junk food moment, something we don’t do often. The two items most mentioned in the car were french fries and a chocolate shake.

“Hey, there’s a White Castle up ahead,” I mentioned.

I pulled up and ordered the “large chocolate shake” and some fries. None of us drink soft drinks, though we had all heard that there were some large serving sizes out there. What emerged from the window nonetheless startled all of us: A 44-ounce chocolate shake.

We hauled it home and split it among the four of us. By the time we all gave up on it, there was still a bit left. Which inspired me to check the White Castle nutrition website. This 44-ounce drink is 1030 calories including 210 calories of fat (White Castle’s large strawberry shake is as much as 1,300 calories in many regions). I’m not writing this to single out White Castle–many fast food joints offer similar fare. It was a worthwhile anthropological adventure, though, to see what (I assume) some people drink all on their own.

PS. We all enjoyed the shake.


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