Wikileaks exposes “shadow CIA”: Stratfor

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See this new report on the most recent revelation by Wikileaks:

Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks today started to publish more than five million confidential emails from the global intelligence company Stratfor. . . . Among the allegations to emerge is that Stratfor’s claim to be a media organisation providing a subscription intelligence newsletter is a front for ‘running paid informants networks’ and ‘laundering those payments through the Bahamas, through Switzerland, through private credit cards’.

Stratfor ‘is monitoring Bhopal activists for Dow Chemicals, Peta activities for Coca-Cola’, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed at a press conference in London today. However, what could cause the greatest embarrassment for the U.S. government is his suggestion that information is also being gathered by paying contacts from agencies including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.

It appears, then, that a for-profit enterprise engaged secret shady dealing is being exposed by the non-profit Wikileaks, whose mission is to make harmful information public. Many more stories are expected to emerge based on the release of five million emails from the private intelligence firm, Stratfor. Until today, I had never heard about Stratfor. That’s about to change, big time, based on the Wikileaks releases. The suggestions that Stratfor has numerous ties to paid U.S. government sources is extremely troubling. We’ll see what happens to those profiteers. As I recall, Bradley Manning never made a penny when he released U.S. cables, but he has been imprisoned ever since, and often tortured by the U.S. government.


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  1. Adam Herman says:

    Wasn’t Stratfor involved in some other scandal a few years back, using data they claimed was something they got but actually cribbed off other sites?

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