Garth Lenz discusses the true cost of mining the Canadian tar sands

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In this TED talk, photographer Garth Lenz shares shocking photos of Canada’s Alberta Tar Sands mining project:


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  1. Adam Herman says:

    I think the debate over energy is a lot like the debate over taxes and spending. Republicans want to “starve the beast” by reducing revenues and then figuring that spending will magically go down. Which didn’t actually happen.

    Environmentalists seem to have the same view of energy production. Kill energy projects, reduce production, and then we’ll use less. Except that hasn’t been very effective either. Rising prices have forced less energy usage, but it’s not a substitute for actually having a coherent national policy on how we are going to prioritize energy production and the environment. Canada has a coherent policy: exploit domestic resources while seeking to reduce demand through development of alternatives and greater fuel efficiency. the US, our policy is decided ad hoc, depending on whether the corporations or the environmentalists find a more sympathetic judge.

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