Multiple wives for Newt

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Funmentionables comes to the rescue of Newt, who reportedly wanted his second ex-wife to approve of an open marriage. Here is the Bible authority for the concept:

If he take himself another wife… —Exodus 21:10

If a man have two wives… —Deuteronomy 21:15

And here are the Bible characters who paved the way for Newt:

Abijah, Abraham, Ahab, Ahasuerus, Ashur, Belshazzar, Benhadad, Caleb, David, Eliphaz, Elkanah, Esau, Ezra, Gideon, Jacob, Jehoiachin, Jehoram, Jerahmeel, Joash, Lamech, Machir, Manasseh, Mered, Moses, Nahor, Rehoboam, Saul, Shaharaim, Simeon, Solomon, and Zedekiah.


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  1. Xtech says:

    Newt is like some character in a Shakespeare play.

    Here’s a question: to what does Newt refer when he says “elitist”? And who specifically is “elite” in Gingrich world?

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