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In the video you’ll find at this link, Dylan Ratigan, author of a new book called Greedy Bastards, laments that with very few exceptions, the candidates are not discussing the fact that current American banking, trade and tax policy all prevent investments into this country into education and infrastructure. No matter what issue is important to you, the system is set up to prevent you for participating in U.S. policy unless you are pouring large amounts of money into the system to feed the dependency of politicians. According to Ratigan, we should consider that money as preventing good things from happening at a time when we are desperate for good things to happen.

In this same article, Ratigan spells out the specific effects of big money awash in American politics:

1) The Candidate With More Money Wins.

2) Congress’s Main Job Is to Raise Money, Not Govern

3) 48 Percent Say Most Members of Congress Are Corrupt

4) Voters Think That Cash is King

5) No Trust in Elected Officials

6) Outsider Movements Are Quickly Coopted

7) Faith in All Institutions Collapsing

8 ) People don’t like horse race coverage. Meanwhile, distrust in media reaches all-time high. (Coincidence?)

9) Cash Determines Voting

10) The Middle Class Is Collapsing


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