George Carlin: We’ve been bought off and silenced by gizmos and toys

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In his last major performance, George Carlin talks about the American Okeedoke and the other major ailments of America:


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  1. George Carlin…a classic. He is right. Even Thomas Edison complained in his dairy about how kids were not taught to “think.”

    But the Gov. Bush thing…I’m not sure I agree on that. The Supreme Court was stacked in FAVOR of Bush, as the Florida Supreme Court was stacked in FAVOR of Gore. At that time in history, George had the clout. It could have well gone the other way if the Supreme Court had had a few more liberals on it.

    And why did the Supreme Court decide it at all? (you guys are lawyers…did it follow protocal?)

    The Supreme Court no longer interpret the law, they make it. If they say obamacare is legal, I Won’t be surprised.

    Even though Gore won the popular vote, we were set up as a Republic, not a democracy. And there was fraud on the democratic side in that electon also.

    The founders system worked in 2000. If you were on the side that lost, you were furious, and in the last years of Bush, everyone was furious.

    Such is history.

  2. Niklaus Pfirsig says:


    I agree that kids are not taught to think. Not by the schools, and certainly not by the media. This is why I have done my best to encourage free though for my younger son.
    BTW, Edison was home schooled.

    The Florida state election commission, and most of its state government was stacked in favor of the Republican party. There was a considerable amount fraud perpetrated against the predominantly Democratic precincts that disenfranchised. The recount was mandated under Florida election law due to the close margin, and the hanging chad problem surfaced.

    The FL sec of state however seemed determined to stop the count when it favored Bush. The Dems went to the Supreme court to get the recount continued, the Republican lead election commission appealed to stop the count and to get thousands of votes thrown out. It was later found that except for two cases, the accusations of fraud were unfounded.

    The fact that the US supreme court declared corporations to be persons with right to privacy and freedom of speech that supersedes those same rights in living breathing individuals is proof the supreme court legislates from the bench.

    The US is a republic. So was the USSR, Iran is a republic, as are many countries that are also not considered free. What defines a government as a “republic” is the lack of a monarch. The US was founded as a representative democracy, where the ruling class is charged with the duty of representing the people. They have not been doing that in a long time.

    The FL elections also exposed a problem of the electoral college. Individual states can cast their electoral votes in one of two ways. In FL, All of their electoral votes are assigned to the winner of the precincts. Some states divide their electoral votes based on the percentages of precincts or districts.

    Fl and a few other states that use the “winer takes all ” approach, can determine the outcome of a federal election in a close race and those states are important enough in party strategies to encourage corruption and fraud in the election officers. This is what happened in Florida, Ohio, and in a few other states in the 2000 election.

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