Who owns America? Who is covering this story?

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Listen carefully to the #OWS protesters and the journalists trying to cover this story:

More from Free Press:

The NYPD is using more than words to fight journalists. This morning, five reporters were arrested, another was put in a choke hold, and others were subjected to police harassment. Journalists are being swept up in ongoing police actions happening right now in New York City.

In fact, since the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement two months ago, 18 journalists have been arrested2, 3 and countless others have been roughed up, tear-gassed and pepper sprayed. There have even been reports of police using high-powered strobe lights to disable video cameras and stop people from recording their actions.



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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    26 journalists have now been arrested at the various Occupy protests around the country. http://www.theawl.com/2011/11/25-arrested-reporters-and-what-they-do

  2. Edgar Montrose says:

    Our own version of Tiananmen Square is imminent.

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