A Wall Street Occupier talks to FOX

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FOX News decided to walk up an talk to the dumb hippy and this is what they got, in an interview they decided to not air.


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  1. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    Occupy Wall Street comes to Nashville!!

    Local Fox affiliate in Nashville (WZTV, Channel 17) is reporting in a short blurb describing the “Occupy wall street” protests as as “against our economic system” an emphasizing that “over 700 protested have been arrested” in New York. They appear to casting the protests as an illegal action. Protests are slated to begin in Nashville around noon (CST) at the Legislative plaza in Nashville.

    However, on a separate but relevant report, WZTV calling for support of a TEA party rally for Gibson guitars in Nashville. Gibson has been repeatedly fined for using ebony and rosewood illegally harvested in India and Madagascar. The woods, used for fretboards in string instruments, in this case are effective being stolen from national parks, and are not properly treated to kill insect eggs and larvae which pose a threat to American forests. Note also that the vast majority of US guitar makers, have no problem complying with the law.

    So in the FOX (Faux) news universe, individuals demanding equal rights with corporations are vilified while businesses violating the law for profit should be supported.

  2. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    BTW, I had planned to link to video on WZTV’s web site. Google reports a lot of links for WZTV and “Occupy wall street”, but it appears they have all been removed from the stations web site.

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