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It looks like those TSA workers are keeping us safe, but John Mica, the U.S. Representative who authored the legislation establishing the TSA is sorely disappointed.  Audrey Hudson at Human Events reports:

“The whole program has been hijacked by bureaucrats,” said Rep. John Mica (R. -Fla.), chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

“It mushroomed into an army,” Mica said.  “It’s gone from a couple-billion-dollar enterprise to close to $9 billion.”

As for keeping the American public safe, Mica says, “They’ve failed to actually detect any threat in 10 years.”

“Everything they have done has been reactive.



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  1. Fisher1949 says:

    I agree completely, TSA needs to be revamped entirely or abolished.

    The intention was to have them act as a regulatory agency, not as a jobs program. DHS and two Administrations have failed to impanel the Privacy Oversight Board. This lack of oversight and accountability and has resulted in TSA becoming increasingly arrogant and indifferent to the rights of passengers.

    TSA received 1,975 screening complaints in June 2011, compared to 814 in June 2010, or a 140% increase. Domestic airline travel is faltering, while global air travel has risen 40%. The US Travel Association attributes this decline directly to the changes in airport security.

    There have been countless stories of abuses inflicted on adults, children and the elderly and in every instance TSA has been dismissive and failed to make corrections. Their belligerent attitude undermines public confidence in both the agency and Government as a whole. There will ultimately be political consequences and further damage to the airline industry unless there is some action taken to correct rein in TSA.

    The three people removed from the Detroit flight on Sunday, were detained 6 hours and strip searched. Welcome to the new America.
    Some real Shock and Awe: Racially profiled and cuffed in Detroit

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    Here’s the story of the TSA, including suggestions for improving it.

    “Air travelers dare not complain. TSA standards focus additional scrutiny on travelers who are “very arrogant” and express “contempt against airport passenger procedures.”

    Is such repression the only choice? Or can TSA officers be trained to exercise the necessary discretion to detect would-be terrorists, while allowing innocent travelers to swiftly and safely pass through screening?”


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