Republicans Fiddle and Lie, Obama Shuffles, America Burns

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Republicans in the US House and Senate have been complete money grubbers when it comes to getting funds from the Democratic Stimulus Bill but, total lying sacks of dung when reporting about the real results the stimulus bill. Most of those asking for the stimulus funds in the US House have been Republicans. All of the Republicans getting any of such funds have touted their individual successes at bringing home the bacon for their districts or states.

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The Democratic Stimulus Bill has worked. Nearly 600,000 new private sector jobs were created and millions more jobs were not lost because of the funding to the states and the money put directly into the pockets of Middle Class consumers by the Democratic Stimulus Bill.

States were able to keep first responders like cops, firefighters and emergency medical technicians on the streets and teachers in their classrooms for the duration of the Stimulus. Now the funds are winding down and nearly gone and states are slashing payrolls which had been, ahem, “stimulated” by the federal dollars allocated to the various states.

As the federal funds have been depleted, Republicans have taken advantage of the financial situation to lay blame on unions and state pensions as the reason for state fiscal problems even as some had just given away the store with millions in corporate tax breaks immediately before blaming unions and pensions for fiscal problems.

The original stimulus plan was not sufficient and the need for job creating government spending is critical.

Even though businesses have over $2 trillion in cash on hand, they aren’t spending money to create jobs when consumer confidence and spending are at or near all time lows. Employers are getting more productivity from reduced workforces and workers wages are flat due to decreased demand for employees.

Consumers are saving rather than spending due to rising costs of food and energy and job related anxieties.

It is clear that, despite the Republican Kool Aid drinkers’ claims, the stimulus worked and more economic stimulus is needed

Republicans have no new policies to offer except more of the same tax giveaways to corporations, millionaires and billionaires and gutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to solve our nation’s “debt crisis” and refuse to even consider that America really faces a jobs crisis.

So, we are faced with a dilemma of monstrous proportions. Republicans will not be moved from their intransigence that tax breaks for corporations, millionaires and billionaires are what is needed. The Republicans insist this is so even though we have just gone through the Great Recession and the Lost Decade because of the Republicans’ and George W. Bush’s tax cuts!—perry/

Republicans will not be moved from their intransigence that the dismantling of Medicare and Social Security are essential to the future economic viability of the United States. The Republicans insist this is so even though none of the programs which they propose to gut has contributed to one cent of any national debt.

Republicans certainly won’t admit the truth of the matter is that they couldn’t give a damn about anyone who makes less than a million dollars a year—even when caught out by one of their own who quit rather than be a part of the continuing Republican defrauding and cheating of seniors, the Middle Class, the disabled, the poor, pregnant women, the unborn, infants, children, union members, students, widows and orphans.

What will President Obama do? I voted for President Obama but, I’m worried he’s become a wimp. Every time the Republicans bully Obama, he coughs up his lunch money without a fight and feels good he avoided a conflict as he gives away the store.

I’ll bet Mr. Obama never got his butt kicked as a kid; no one lets stuff like he does go on if he’s ever had his butt kicked!
Sheesh, most times Obama doesn’t even wait for the Republican bullying to begin before he leaves his lunch money on their table…$110 billion in corporate tax breaks even W didn’t give to corporations in the original Stimulus Bill (why not the “Jobs Bill,” then?), and; no public option in healthcare reform, and; no regulation of derivatives in Dodd-Frank, and; let the Middle Class Tax Cuts from the Stimulus Bill expire while the Republicans got the extension of Bush cuts for the top 2% of incomes in the US at the end of last session, and; let the GOP keep revenue enhancements out of the debt ceiling discussions! Now in his “Jobs Speech,” Mr. Obama agrees to corporate tax cuts, and changes to Medicare and Social Security!

A large majority of Americans support the repeal of the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%.

A large majority of Americans approve of additional deficit spending if it will create jobs.

Even Tea Partiers oppose cuts to Social Security and Medicare by 2-1!

President Obama’s “Jobs Plan” is long on ideas and short on specifics. If the president keeps to his pattern of the past, the bill will float like a leaf in the wind and go wherever the winds may take it, whether a “NO!” or some other place, we don’t know.

There are some specific things the President could do, as I have written before.

There’s a novel idea proposed by one pundit for the President to go to each and every applicant for “Stimulus Bill” infrastructure funds and give it to him or her in the new Jobs Act.
But, Republicans apparently do not have to negotiate with President Obama; all they have to do is say; “NO!” In some as yet unexplored depth of his being, President Obama finds it always necessary to move from a position without first being opposed by some other “other.” Stop it!

I don’t understand it.

Where’s the spine, Mr. President?

Where’s the spine?

Take ‘em on, Mr. President! Take ‘em on!

Where’s your courage? Be like Atticus Finch and show your children what real courage is;

I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know your licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win but sometimes you do.

Get rid of the Bush top 2% tax breaks, spend deficit money for jobs, give homeowners an interest break, get rid of corporate loopholes and don’t lower corporate tax rates when corporate tax receipts are only 9% of tax revenues and corporations have trillions in the bank and keep sending jobs overseas, leave Medicare and Social Security alone—the idiots on the other side called it a “Ponzi scheme” on national television the night before your jobs speech! Get Harry Reid to schedule a roll call cloture vote on each of these things so the Republicans are on the record! Call the Republicans out on their lies and deceptions of the American people!

Mr. President, if you finally really get your butt kicked, maybe that will spur you to never let that happen again! Then, maybe you’ll be truly ready for the brawl that’ll be your re-election campaign. “Nothing’s riding on this except…maybe the future of the country.”


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