Republican Eric Cantor is dishonest and heartless

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Republican US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) has made his position absolutely clear on aid to the stricken victims of Hurricane Irene; any funds spent on disaster relief will have to be offset by cuts from other areas of federal spending.

In an absolutely alien way, Mr. Cantor has claimed that the current budget and debt “crisis” requires that any monies spent for disaster relief must be offset by cuts in the budget elsewhere. I suggest any aid to Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, which spawned Mr. Cantor, be moved to the top of that list. Just because the media in Virginia’s 7th have described the disaster as the worst ever to hit the area is no reason to have any sympathy for any of Mr. Cantor’s constituents, eh? Oops, that would make me a heartless bastard like Cantor! Even the banksters that have screwed the economic pooch with their sub-prime mortgage greed have more of a heart than Mr. Cantor and are waiving some fees and charges after Irene. And see here and here.

Now Mr. Cantor says he never suggested that disaster relief funds be delayed because of any debt or budget concerns! NJ Republican Governor Chris Christie is having none of that; “Our people are suffering now and they need help now. And they can all go back down there and get back to work and figure out budget cuts later.”

Clearly, for a small minority of the US House Republican majority, the political goals of long term deficit reduction outweigh any other concerns, even life threatening concerns. There will not be an end to the political gridlock and conflict in Washington until those elected officials in Washington who are more dedicated to narrow ideology than the well being of all Americans are gone.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Tim: I’m no fan of Mr. Cantor’s brand of politics, but I don’t see the inconsistency of saying A) Unanticipated emergency expenditures need to be balanced by making budget cuts elsewhere and B) Those suddenly needed expenditure may proceed for the time being, and the cutting can occur later. In fact, that is how the budgets of most families work: pay for emergencies now, but cut back on something else later. Or perhaps I don’t understand your point.

  2. Tim Hogan says:

    Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders (I) said it best:

    Read it and tell me the same thing, Erich.

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