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Former Vice President Dick Cheney has published an unapologetic paean to his war crimes, torture and tortured reasoning in a memoir which he calls; In My Time. Needless to say, some find Mr. Cheney’s alleged memoir a work of fiction and suitable “for supermarket tabloids” and “full of cheap shots.” The book will be out August 30, 2011.

Mr. Cheney and his attack-dog daughter, Liz, have launched another campaign to clean up Mr. Cheney’s image but, Mr. Cheney remains one of the most unpopular politicians in American history with an approval rating going towards the single digits.

In Mr. Cheney’s book he highlights how he counseled bombing Syria to “restore America’s standing among the Arabs.” Apparently, Mr. Cheney’s plans also included the possibilities of nuking Iraq, Iran and Syria to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons to those countries.

I wonder if Mr. Cheney’s memoir mentions the secret CIA assassination squads which he set up and then ordered the CIA to not disclose to Congress as required by law or his advocacy of the illegal use of US troops against US citizens on US soil?

Apparently, Mr. Cheney still disagrees with the legal authorities of some of our WW II allies and the Code of Military Conduct that water boarding, known in WWII by the Gestapo as the “Paris technique” is illegal and torture outlawed by US and international law.  See here, here, here, here, here and here.

Truly, I don’t know how Dick Cheney can live with himself. Please don’t buy Cheney’s book, the pages are soaked in blood.



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  1. Mike Baker says:

    What truly differentiates Cheney from the likes of Goering, Goebbels or the rest of Hitler’s’ henchmen? The only difference I can think of is that the others paid for their crimes.

    With this revisionist history Cheney will whitewash and glorify his role with the Bush regime and their apologists will swallow this awful gruel like it were a porterhouse steak. Then they and the subservient media will regurgitate this garbage as if it were fact. And soon, for many Americans it will be.

    What do we really stand for? Truth? Justice? I think not.

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    Here’s an excellent summary of why Dick Cheney should not be honored for his service as Vice-President.

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