The most important issue: Getting private money out of politics

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Dylan Ratigan is still pushing for a constitutional amendment to get private money out of politics. I’m all for it. If I see a proposed constitutional amendment that really does the job, I’ll work long and hard for it, because we can’t have any honest political conversation until we get rid of the corrupting influence of private money in politics. On that note, check out this conversation between Dylan Ratigan and former Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania:

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  1. FlashNomad says:

    Because so many of my friends can’t bother to go down to check out OccupyLA, I put together a photo journal on Saturday’s march in L.A. …
    combined with an appeal to sign the petition to GET MONEY OUT.

    Check it out at

    The most telling moment was that after photographing signs that said EAT THE RICH, I drove home through Malibu where the residents had their heads in PIES… literally, at the Annual Pie Contest!

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