The story of the shadow legislature called ALEC

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Deep corporate pockets have been drafting “model legislation” designed to put corporate profits before the health, welfare and political influence of ordinary people. Keith Olbermann discusses ALEC with John Nichols, Washington Correspondent with The Nation:


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  1. Niklaus Pfirsig says: has several leaked model bills written by ALEC lawyers
    reading a few of them, Certain things really jumped out at me. One titled “The Right to Farm Act” is model legislation that grants rights to corporate and factory farm operations and limits the rights of citizens. When a citizen files a complaint against a factory farming operation, All the farm operators has to establish is that they conform to “generally accepted farming and management”. So all they have to do to win is show that other factory farms pollute the groundwater, provide unhealthy and unsanitary conditions on the feed lots and promote animal cruelty, and they win. Additionally, after three complaints, the prosecuting parties are automatically assessed with court costs and all lawyers fees for the factory farm.

    A model resolution relating to factory farming Advocate the use of antibotics in feedlot factory farms. In direct contridiction to the evidence to the contrary, the resolution states that sound science proves the use of antibiotics in livestock feed is not a contributing factor to the increase in antibiotic resistant microbe, and that the food supply is safer because of the practice.

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