Denominations of the Tea Party

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There appear to be three overlapping major factions of the current political movement called the Tea Party. I had thought there were really only two until recently.

The two to which I allude are the Theocracy Movement, and the Libertarians. Sure, there is actually a registered Libertarian political party. But as of the last election cycle, unelectable Libertarians like Rand Paul were elected under the Republican banner due to Tea Party support.

Your Faction Fraction Guess May Vary

But today I found the article The Tea Party Stormfront that shows a real and dangerous overlap between the Tea Party and Stormfront, an umbrella for the KKK and other White Nation groups. This article shows how you can look up the data yourself, and how to find the instructions given by StormFront for their members to blend in with and lend their support to the Tea Party.

With luck, this is the least fraction of the whole. It does seem to me that the Theocracy branch is really the bulk of this tail trying to wag to political dog. And making scary progress.



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  1. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    I've met a few TEA partiers and there is a fourth denomination. Those who feel disenfranchised. The fourth kind seem more willing to mvoe away from the fringe movements and either into the mainstream moderates or into other grass roots groups such as the Coffee Party.

    The TEA party is heavily promoted to apeal to a demographic who have some resentment either real or imangined of the government and the marketing of the TEA part is tuned increase anti government passion that may be used to advance the goals of a new facist state.

    Some of the fourth denomination have turned up at Coffee Party events, and with calm discussion the ones I've talked to were initially drawn to the TEA party, because they feel the government has become disfunctional, but they soon came to realize that the TEA party rhetoric of minimal government and minimal regulation is something akin to killing the sheriff and expecting all the outlaws to behave themselves and be nice.

    The Coffee Party, which is truly grass roots, takes a different tack. Instead of destroying the government, get the poelpe involved in taking the government back from the corporate facsists of Richistan, and make it work like it was intended.

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