Tiny children playing big guitars

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This video made me do a double-take. How are these children able to play such big guitars so well? The little girl in the middle is the one to watch extra closely.

The music is certainly precisely played. For many years I taught guitar lessons, and I could never teach such a young child to confidently play a bar chord (you’ll see a few of these in this video). I’m stunned and staggered and delighted to see and hear the music, but a little wary about how hard these children had to be pushed to reach this performance level. I’d love to know more about the teaching methods . . .


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  1. The kid in the middle seems to be the one who's really into it. The rest are either concentrating too much or it's rote playing.

    Mozart was playing concerts at four, Glenn Gould had the entire Well-Tempered Clavier down pat by ten…

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