Stephen Colbert…for the Supreme Court???

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Bob Edgar, opinion contributor at POLITICO both pans and applauds Stephen Colbert’s creation of Colbert Super PAC in this article: Stephen Colbert for Supreme Court justice!

Mr. Edgar says:

The Super PAC launched Thursday by the satirist Stephen Colbert and blessed by the Federal Election Commission is a terrible idea.

It makes a mockery of our campaign finance laws, inviting politicians of all stripes to launch their own Super PAC-linked TV “news” shows and then use those programs to raise buckets of money from corporations, labor unions and other special interests.

It’s the sort of thing Common Cause has always been against. We hate it.

And it’s positively brilliant!

But “…inviting politicians … to launch their own… TV ‘news’ shows…”??? What if we flip it, and TV “news” shows launch their own politicians?

Uh, oh. Too late.


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