The most important things for the federal government to work on

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Check out this list of America’s priorities, as voted on by real Americans (these are results from a Gallup poll).  I’ve been looking long and hard at this list for many of the priorities announced by the Republican Party (here are some), but I don’t see any of the following:

  • Keeping gays out of the military or keeping gays from getting married.
  • Attacking worker’s unions
  • Making certain that the Federal Government embraces the worship of God.
  • De-funding public broadcasting (NPR
  • De-funding Head Start
  • De-funding the Department of Education.
  • Deregulating businesses who provide America’s food.
  • Promoting fossil fuel usage.
  • Prohibiting abortion.
  • Investigating American Muslims.
  • Protecting the wealth of the wealthiest Americans.
  • Enhancing the profitability of Wall Street banks.
  • Tearing down laws and regulations that protect the environment.

What else am I missing?


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  1. Jim Razinha says:

    Dovetail de-funding Planned Parenthood into the prohibiting abortion, because we don't want to talk about sex either.



    White House repairs?

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